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How to Use Spears® Product Source Book
How to Use Spears® Engineering Source Book
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Actuated Valves Product Actuated Valves Technical

Actuated Valves Product
CTS CPVC Product CTS CPVC Technical

CTS CPVC Product
Double Containment Product Double Containment Technical

Double Containment Product
Drain, Waste & Vent (DWV) Product Drain, Waste & Vent (DWV) Technical

Drain, Waste & Vent (DWV) Product
Duct - Fume & Air Product Duct - Fume & Air Technical

Duct - Fume & Air Product
Expansion Joints Product Expansion Joints Technical

Expansion Joints Product
Fabricated Fittings Product Fabricated Fittings Technical

Fabricated Fittings Product
Filters & Strainers Product Filters & Strainers Technical

Filters & Strainers Product
FlameGuard<sup></sup> Product FlameGuard<sup></sup> Technical

FlameGuard Product
Insert Fittings Product Insert Fittings Technical

Insert Fittings Product
Irrigation & Turf Product Irrigation & Turf Technical

Irrigation & Turf Product
Lab Specialty Product Lab Specialty Products Technical

Lab Specialty Product
LabWaste<sup></sup> Product LabWaste<sup></sup> Technical

LabWaste Product
Low Extractable Product Low Extractable Technical

Low Extractable Product
Marine & Offshore Products Marine & Offshore Technical

Marine & Offshore Products
Metric Fittings Product Metric Fittings Technical

Metric Fittings Product
Nipples Product Nipples Technical

Nipples Product
Pipe & Hangers Product Pipe & Hangers Technical

Pipe & Hangers Product
Polypropylene Product Polypropylene Technical

Polypropylene Product
Schedule 40 Fittings Product Schedule 40 Fittings Technical

Schedule 40 Fittings Product
Schedule 80 CPVC Product Schedule 80 CPVC Technical

Schedule 80 CPVC Product
Schedule 80 PVC Product Schedule 80 PVC Technical

Schedule 80 PVC Product
Solvent Cements Product Solvent Cements Technical

Solvent Cements Product
Transition Fittings Product

Transition Fittings Product
Valves Product Valves Technical

Valves Product


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